XlsxWriter wrappers

These Classes are only likely used following use of the produce_workbook() API function, which returns a GPWorkbook object.

You may use these objects to carry out modification of any aspects of the workbook or individual worksheets that are outside of the scope of GPTables. To see this in practice, see the additional formatting example under usage. Please also see the XlsxWriter documentation on their Workbook and Worksheet Classes, which are super-classses of those below, for details on further modfication.

The methods which we’ve extended these Classes with are not shown here, but feel free to check out the source code to see how gptables works under the hood.

GPWorkbook Class

class gptables.core.wrappers.GPWorkbook(filename=None, options={})[source]

Wrapper for and XlsxWriter Workbook object. The Worksheets class has been replaced by an alternative with a method for writting GPTable objects.

GPWorksheet Class

class gptables.core.wrappers.GPWorksheet[source]

Wrapper for an XlsxWriter Worksheet object. Provides a method for writing a good practice table (GPTable) to a Worksheet.